So What's the Deal With the Deal

Here’s the deal — I think we should hold out till after August 3rd because I think August 2nd is an imaginary deadline.I likewise think the super committee is going to raise taxes — and raise them in a big way.Also, I’m convinced the GOP is lying to itself on this plan.All that said, we’re not going to get a better deal now. The GOP is scared of its own shadow. At least, however, at least . . . at least we may get some real entitlement reform.Lastly, the tears of the left on this are delicious. For that alone, I want to support this deal. But because of the foregoing reasons, I can’t support this deal. However, it could be worse.Were I in Congress, I’d vote against it. All that said, I think this is it, so we might as well get used to it. Just keep track of who on the right votes against it. They’ll be the real heroes. If we get lucky, it goes down and we fight on. Just don’t hold your breath on that one. And, in a moment of personal honesty, I have a hard time disliking something Emmanuel Cleaver calls a “sugar coated Satan sandwich.” That sounds so delicious.



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