Barack Obama is Keyser Soze

Playing off of Francis’s timely post, I think we should start considering Barack Obama the Keyser Soze of American politics.He’s got the Democrats to take the fall with the base, convinced Obama is an inept negotiator.He’s got the GOP befuddled thinking they’ve had some success.Meanwhile, Obama himself gets several loose ends sewn together that could complicate his re-election, including the debt ceiling, spending cuts, and tax reform.And if he pulls it all off and wins re-election, he’s also secured full funding for Obamacare, killed off the Bush tax cuts for good, and probably cut defense spending enough to be re-allocated elsewhere in 2013.People saying the Democrats were big losers are right. On policy.But politically, Obama is a massive winner and if he wins re-election will also have some long term liberal policy victories greeting him January 1, 2013.



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