Staff Briefing Notes on the Boehner Plan

I was just given the following bullet points from one of the individuals who got briefed at the staff level on John Boehner’s proposal:

On background if you would please*, just left the meeting on the Boehner deal. Some highlights:

  1. Outlay reduction for FY 12 – $25 billion cut in discretionary spending.
  2. Debt limit increase right away – $1 trillion
  3. Does not touch Obamacare funding, Medicare or Social Security
  4. Includes the McConnell automatic increase without a vote – they tried to sell us on “your boss isn’t actually voting for a debt limit increase”
  5. Joint Select Cmte Created – 12 Members, if Commission recs pass on entitlement reform, then Pres gets another debt limit increase
  6. Budget Authority in FY 12 is $ 7 billion less than FY 11 in discretionary spending.

* I did get permission before running with this.


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