Republicans Who Support Mitch McConnell's Plan Should Be Deeply Worried by a New CBS News Poll

Republicans backing Mitch McConnell‘s Pontius Pilate Act should be deeply, deeply worried by a new CBS News Poll. The poll shows the public is very unhappy with the way things are going in Washington.


In fact, 51% of Republicans and 73% of Independents disapprove of the way the GOP is handling the debt ceiling. “But wait,” you say. “That must mean they want to go with the Democrats.”

Except for a few things we can interpret from this poll consistent with other polls.First, 66% of Independents and 81% of Republicans also disapprove of the way Democrats are handing the debt ceiling.

Second, we know a majority of voters, including a significant number of independents, do not want the debt ceiling raised at all.

Third, this poll was conducted of all adults, not registered or likely voters. That means that should they be narrowed down, you’d find the numbers going even more against the Democrats.

Fourth, this poll was taken on the weekend, which typically lowers the number of conservatives polled.

Fifth, if we are to read this poll as consistent with other polling out there right now, we can see a majority of Republicans and a strong majority of independents want Washington to actually fight on this issue — not kick the can down the road again as Mitch McConnell would like.

Again, if the GOP isn’t careful, it could sow the seeds of its own destruction.


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