Now That Possibly Drunk Rutgers Economist Susan Feinberg Is Sobered Up, She Has No Comment

This is the Susan Feinberg who probably was drunk — you hope she was drunk otherwise the words we’d have to use aren’t fit for a family site — when she decided to cause a scene at Bistro Bis in Washington, D.C.


Feinberg, who we can also presume gets nuts when drinking or just can’t handle alcohol, stormed over to Paul Ryan and attacked him for using his own money to drink an expensive glass of wine while daring to want the government to spend less of his, Susan Feinberg’s, and your money.

In any event, after she’d had a chance to sober up and think soberly about the scene she caused, Byron York of the Washington Examiner tried to get her to comment on the cut off point for what wines can and cannot be purchased without looking like Marie Antoinette.

Feinberg’s bottle of wine was $80.00, after all. So Byron just wanted to know what the cut off point was between $80.00 and $300.00, the price of Paul Ryan’s bottle.

Susan Feinberg now has no comment.

Oh, the funniest thing to know about Feinberg is she teaches something called “Love & Money.” That she would attack Paul Ryan for spending his own money suggests Ms. Feinberg doesn’t have much of a love for anybody’s money except her own and Uncle Sam’s.


But it’s okay. From her personal website we learn she raised over $4000.00 for AIDS!!!! Hell, we here at RedState raised more than ten times that much to wrest Congress out of the hands of Ms. Feinberg’s friends.

But doesn’t that absolve her of all her antics. She raised money for AIDS. Don’t give that woman a broomstick, give Susan Feinberg wings!



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