On John Ziegler: How Easy We Trash Our Friends

By the title, you might think I’m focusing on John Ziegler trashing Sarah Palin. I am not. And I don’t read this as trashing Sarah Palin. Sometimes people write things they actually mean that you and I disagree with.I’m instead titling this post over the angst of those coming in via twitter and email about John Ziegler’s work.For the past several years, John Ziegler has been one of the most ardent defenders of Sarah Palin. And it is clear from his column that he still greatly admires Sarah Palin. But Ziegler is not on the Palin 2012 bandwagon for reasons you can read for yourself.I’m just going to say that a quick review of conservatives on twitter reads like the insane ramblings of lefties after the 7,000 extra votes were found for Judge Prosser in Wisconsin. They read like the insane ramblings of lefties who suddenly see a Democrat come out critical of Barack Obama.We should be better than that and perhaps we might just want to hold out a modicum of recognition for the several years of attacks John Ziegler has withstood for defending Sarah Palin and maybe consider his sincerity instead of descending with lefty like relish directly into attacks on his motives.Whether you agree with him or not, as much as you might say shame on him for daring to write what he wrote, I’d say shame on you for immediately questioning him, his motives, and loyalties. In fact, it’s not the first time these sorts of concerns have been raised by people on the right who have direct experience in the matter.The reaction to his work has way too much a resemblance to how the Soviets treated the Trotsky supporters. I’m sure some are busy in their basements tonight digitally photoshopping Ziegler out of their photos.It’s a shame we are so quick to eat our own for daring to disagree on the matter of Sarah Palin.

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