Big News From Camp Bachmann

Michele Bachmann is bring Ed Rollins on board to run her Presidential campaign.This is big and significant news.Rollins was Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager in 1984, a fact downplayed by a lot of people who think Reagan’s landslide in 1984 had nothing to do with Rollins.Whether you are impressed by that or not, pay attention to the next one: Rollins took Mike Huckabee’s 2008 upstart campaign into overdrive and gave Romney, McCain, and the rest a run for their money.I’m already hearing from people on the ground in Iowa that Bachmann has the potentially to make huge waves there. Given what Huck did in 2008 and Rollins’ knowledge of the lay of the land, it could turn Michele Bachmann into a serious contender for evangelicals and transition her from just being seen as a tea party candidate.Oh, and full disclosure from me: Ed Rollins and I have frequently sat next to each other on CNN and I like him tremendously, though among my conservative friends there are frequently days when I think I might be the only one who does. Heh.



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