Morning Briefing for June 1, 2011

RedState Morning Briefing
For June 1, 2011

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1. Weinergate Continues With Four Questions

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Anthony Weiner sent a college co-ed a picture of his . . . well I’m not sure which word I should use . . . weiner . . . on twitter.CNN Reporter Dana Bash has the four questions Congressman Weiner needs to answer:

  1. Is the picture of the Congressman?
  2. Why did the Congressman hire a lawyer?
  3. Why won’t the Congressman let law enforcement handle the matter?
  4. Why is Congressman Weiner following a 21 year old college student on twitter?

For those of you unfamiliar with twitter, you have the ability to follow other people on Twitter. It is not automatic. You must opt to do it. And Congressman Weiner had, prior to this incident, opted to follow the Seattle college student to whom the picture was sent.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. House votes against raising debt ceiling, 318-97.

Which is a surprise, given that I didn’t think that there were 318 Republicans in the House… no, wait, there aren’t. 82 Democrats voted against raising the debt limit without accompanying spending cuts; which is highly entertaining, given that 114 House Democrats signed Rep. Peter Welch’s letter requesting… precisely this vote. Do compare the signatories to said letter with the no votes on HR 1954: you will notice an entertaining amount of overlap, there.The hysterical bit? The Democrats are complaining that they didn’t get to add amendments to the bill.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Obama Seeks Final Death Blow to Auto Industry

President Obama is trotting out yet another policy aimed at forcing American’s to change our ways and embrace the green. Just a few weeks ago, the administration floated the idea of adding yet more taxes to our already overtaxed cars to serve the dual purpose of shoring up revenues as well as curbing driving habits (which one would assume can’t both be accomplished simultaneously, but I digress).He also famously demanded more green to come out of Chrysler during the bailouts. Not green as in cash of course, rather green in the environmental whacko dream of tiny cars devoid of style and features. Luckily for the American taxpayer, Chrysler realized how bad for business this would be and promptly ignored the demands of the green police in favor of gas guzzling SUV’s which have helped put the company in a position to pay back government loans.But now President Obama is embarking on something long promised to his environmental base in the hopes that he can change our habits so he can keep his campaign promise of slowing the rising oceans and healing the Earth.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Sarah Palin Opposes All Energy Subsidies

As the presidential election heats up, we will continue to track where the candidates stand on ethanol and energy subsidies. The issue of ethanol subsidies is vital to conservatives for several reasons. First, ethanol epitomizes everything that is wrong with onerous government interventions; corporate cronyism, market distortions, higher prices for vital goods and services, and government dependency. Also, with food and energy prices at an all time high, ethanol subsidies will provide the eventual Republican nominee with a unique opportunity to use bread and butter issues to educate voters about the virtues of the free market.Finally, and most importantly, if the Republican nominee lacks the temerity to rebuff a handful of corn welfare recipients in Iowa, he/she will certainly lack the moxie to cut trillions from the millions of dependents on the welfare state.Last week, Mitt Romney embraced ethanol, Tim Pawlenty disavowed his support for ethanol (while speaking in Iowa), and Newt Gingrich….well, he is Professor Cornpone. Today, Sarah Palin rejected all energy subsidies in a brief interview with reporters in Gettysburg.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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