Shouldn't Facebook Provide Equal Time?

Just last Wednesday, Barack Obama held a townhall meeting online at Facebook. It drew lots of publicity and was hailed as a campaign event. Heck, it clearly was all about Barack Obama’s re-election.We know Facebook leans left. We know Mark Zuckerberg is happy to be taxed more. But what of the Facebook community? They aren’t all lefties.When the GOP has a nominee, Facebook should be fair and give the GOP nominee equal time. Our sister site Human Events has a petition up that you can sign and ask Facebook for equal time.————-UPDATE: Judging by the comments, some people have a literacy problem. The operative word in this post is should. The operative phrase is ask Facebook. We’re not calling on the federal government to get involved. Equal time rules do not apply.We simply think in the interests of fairness, Facebook should allow the Republican nominee to hold a Facebook townhall too.




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