Dan Eggen of the Washington Post Engages in Journalistic Incest With Left Wing Interest Groups

Power Line’s John Hinderaker has done the heavy lifting on a case of journalistic incest by Dan Eggen at the Washington Post.

The Obama mouthpiece Center for American Progress did a hit job on Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) who happens to represent that part of Kansas in which Koch Industries is located.


The Center for American Progress had one of its employees run against Pompeo and, in all their unsuccessful hit jobs against Pompeo before the November election, failed to mention the conflict of interest.

The attacks have continued as a way to not just hurt Pompeo, but go after Koch Industries.

Dan Eggen, who I think we can deduce is an avid reader of Center for American Progress nonsense, took up the hit job and placed it in the pages of the Washington Post.

Among other things, Eggen tries to portray Mike Pompeo as a pawn of Koch Industries because of its financial contributions to Pompeo’s campaign via the Koch PAC and, when Pompeo was in business, a Koch venture capital firm contributing 2% of the overall money to Pompeo’s business. Eggen wholly ignores, in bringing up the accusation, that Koch Industries is a legitimate constituent of Pompeo’s.


More troubling, Eggen uses as objective sources for his story individuals who actively worked against Pompeo in the 2010 political campaign and are tied to far left interest groups. Eggen never bothers to disclose this.

There are many examples of the media picking up far left attacks and recycling them into “objective” journalistic pieces. This is just another example of the incest between left-wing interest groups and the mainstream media.

John does a fantastic job of breaking it down.


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