A Rumsfeld Rule Barack Obama Should Take to Heart

With no one sure why the heck we are in Libya or who exactly is on the same team with the same mission for Libya and a Commander-in-Chief without a teleprompter full of rationales to explain himself, perhaps it is time to look for wisdom in the snowflakes of Donald Rumsfeld.Rumsfeld, famous for his “snowflakes,” or little memos documenting this or that or requesting various things, also generated some of his snowflakes as “Rumsfeld’s Rules” — sound rules for living.Secretary Rumsfeld’s office noted one today that he authored on September 22, 2001, following a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu and sent over to President George W. Bush.The text is short and to the point:


I submit the following as a good rule of thumb:“The mission must determine the coalition; the coalition ought not determine the mission.”

Oh, and the best thing about it is you don’t need a teleprompter to figure it out.Maybe Barack Obama, having now embraced the George W. Bush caricature the left created as his own image, will take some advice from a real George W. Bush advisor.


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