Josh Mandel: A candidate to get excited about

I have to be honest with you. With the exception of Ted Cruz and Michael Williams in Texas and Jeff Flake in Arizona, I am not really that excited about any of the Senate races this year. There are few solid conservative rockstars out there.And yes, if you are thinking I am ignoring candidate X in your state, I’ve thought of them. They’re good. But they are no Rand Paul or Jeff Flake or Mike Lee or Ted Cruz or Michael Williams. Good does not equate rockstar.I might have a new race to get excited about. It appears Josh Mandel is going to run against Vladimir Sherrod Brown (S-OH). Yes, i know I put an “S” and not a “D” next to his name. He’s an unrepentant socialist.Mandel is a solid conservative. He’s the Ohio Treasurer. He’s young. He can win statewide. And should he definitely make a go of it, we should all be willing to rally to him. I hope that in other states candidates will shape up to be solid and exciting. Right now though, while there are some good candidates out there, too few are dazzling.




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