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For March 1, 2011
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1. Our last WWI vet passes away at age 110

Frank Buckles, the last of the 4,734,991 Americans who served in World War I, has passed away. When you think of most kids today, his story is just staggering.

He was born on a Missouri farm when William McKinley was President. When the US entered WWI in April 1917, he had turned 16 barely two months earlier, but was determined to enlist.

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2. The Non-Conspiracy

It is not a conspiracy. Some of you think it is. It is not. A conspiracy is a secret plot by two or more people to do something harmful. What Barack Obama is doing is no conspiracy — it is not secret. Harmful, yes. Secret, no. In fact, the administration is pretty open about it.

I’m talking, of course, about high-speed rail. High-speed rail is the reason Barack Obama couldn’t care less about what is going on in the Middle East. High-speed rail is the reason Barack Obama is perfectly willing to let us descend into a Carter Era energy crisis. High-speed rail is the reason Barack Obama does not want us to “drill here, drill now.”

It’s not a conspiracy. The facts are everywhere. Jay Hakes, who was in charge of the Energy Information Administration under Bill Clinton, is quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying, “There’s no way we can create a better future without the price of [fossil-fuel-based] energy going up.” Barack Obama’s own Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, has said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

Think about this. When George Bush was President and gas prices climbed over $3.00 a gallon, what did the left do? They screamed for President Bush to withdraw oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. They screamed that Congress should cut the gas tax.

The Left has not done that at all with Barack Obama in the White House.

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3. Washington Post’s Greg Sargent Demands Unions Get Violent. Union Goons Attack Fox Reporter.

The Washington Post’s leftwing mouthpiece, Greg Sargent, who they ostensibly pay to be an objective reporter is on twitter demanding that unions in Wisconsin get violent to get their way.

In what we can presume is unrelated to Greg Sargent’s call, a Fox News reporter was attacked by union thugs in Wisconsin.

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4. Does Harry Reid Want A Government Shutdown?

If the continuing resolution is not passed by this Friday, the government will shut down — not that this is a bad thing.

Everyone in Washington is claiming they don’t want a shutdown, but Harry Reid’s actions suggest he does. Instead of dealing with the continuing resolution when the Senate gets back for business this week, he will take up patent reform instead.

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5. Beyond the Left’s Talking Points: WI Protests Are About Union Power & Money

It’s nearing two weeks since unions and their cohorts on the Left have thrown a nationwide fit over Scott Walker’s solution to what is ailing Wisconsin. Unions and Democrats have made Wisconsin their cause célèbre by deploying OFA astroturf, the big talking heads, as well as recruiting just about every known Grateful Dead concert attendee on their mailing lists into Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Democratic state senators (now humorously known as fleebaggers) comically continue to hold the state hostage over an issue of union power, politics and money—nothing more and nothing less.

Despite unions’ long hatred of Scott Walker, the new governor is moving to address both the symptoms of the disease and the disease itself—the public-sector union scheme that has molested Wisconsin’s taxpayers and their children by gaming the system. Unions like Wisconsin’s teachers’ union [WEAC] (which was Wisconsin’s biggest-spending lobby in 2009) have been extraordinarily adept at fixing the system through spending millions to elect politicians who, in turn, reward the unions at the expense of the taxpayers.

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6. War, What Is It Good For? – Ask National Geographic.

Perhaps we are all fortunate that Walter M. Miller, Jr. wrote A Canticle For Leibowitz before the era of Global Warming Chic. He, Neville Shute, and all the fine Rock Singers who jammed at the No Nukes Concert, seemed to believe there wasn’t a silver lining around the mushroom shaped cloud of a nuclear holocaust that didn’t consist of Strontium-90.

Now, our scientific overlords inform us that if you just pop a few nukes, somewhere far away from where Dr. Genius parks her SUV, it may not be a total suckage field.

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7. From Prostitution to Death Threats: Gordon Hintz Is One Classy Fella

Last week Democrat State Representative Gordon Hintz of Wisconsin received a municipal citation connected to prostitution.

Hintz appears to be paying visits in one of those massage parlors that is just a front for prostitution, if not worse.

Rep. Hintz got dinged “for violating a city sexual misconduct ordiance” in Appleton, WI.

Now he is in the news again for telling a female Republican state representative that she is “f**king dead”

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8. Beware the Gang of Six

Imagine for a moment a private financial services firm caught running a ponzi scheme in which public funds were spent on lavish projects for the manager’s friends. Astoundingly, instead of incarcerating the perpetrators and returning the money to the investors, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) negotiates with the criminals. That’s right. The SEC collaborates with the criminal executives to force the public to contribute more money to the institution and leave it there longer, in order to rectify the scheme and achieve solvency. Sounds perverse and preposterous? Well, some Republican senators are concocting a similar approach to “solving” the budget crisis created by the Democrats.

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