Sarah Palin's Alaska

As much as it pains some of my liberal friends (and some Republican friends too), I am a huge Sarah Palin fan and can’t wait to see her mop the floor with Barack Obama. At least she released her college transcripts unlike Acting President Logan . . . um . . . I mean Bill Clinton’s warm up act.In any event, I watched her TLC show tonight for the first time. I’m sorry, but as much as I like the good Governor, I cannot bring myself to watch TLC with its bevy of hoarding midgets and polygamous cretins and Kate Gosselin.But while I was away getting hot chocolate at the local coffeehouse for my wife, she’d flipped over and when I returned not only was Sarah Palin on, but Kate Gosselin and her small army of rug rats was there too.Wow. Well done, Governor. There will always be a contingent of leftwing wackos who will despise you just for breathing — let alone breeding and not aborting — but many people are now going to have a second chance to check you out. I suspect they’ll like what they see. Oh, and having Kate Gosselin on makes you look even better!




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