Dear John Boehner and Eric Cantor

Hi guys,Just a short note. If either of you support as Chairman of the Energy & Commerce Committee any of the damn fools who supported killing the incandescent lightbulb we’re going to have problems.That rules out Fred Upton. Sorry guys. I’m told you’ve been leaning toward him. But sorry. That may rule out some of the others too. But still — how many people have been put on the unemployment line in Pennsylvania alone because of that decision? More than a few hundred.Oh, and Jerry Lewis and Hal Rogers? I know you guys are thinking of leaving Jerry in place, but he has been part of the problem. Just because he’s suddenly whistling a different tune, doesn’t change that. And Rogers will start a fight with the tea party movement you don’t want to have because you’ll wind up like the guys in the Senate.Just saying . . .Thanks,



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