Here it comes

Saul Anuzis has announced he is going to run for RNC Chairman, challenging Michael Steele.

“We cannot be misled by our victories this year,” Anuzis wrote in an announcement posted on his blog. “Chairman Steele’s record speaks for itself. He has his way of doing things. I have mine.”Anuzis, clearly hoping to emerge as the choice of the anti-Steele forces within the 168 member Republican National Committee added that “I will NOT strive to be the voice or the face of our party” — seeking to draw a direct contrast with high profile (and gaffe prone) current chairman.


I’m sure we will hear more official announcements. There are lots of rumblings of other challengers. One name I’m hearing that I dismiss is Nick Ayers, head of the Republican Governors Association. I suspect you’ll see him running a Presidential campaign, not the RNC.


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