This is How ABC News Treats Conservatives

ABC News was going to have Arianna Huffington and Andrew Breitbart on TV on election night to discuss American politics, etc. Breitbart, at least, was going to be involved in a digital town hall. The television anchors would regularly go into the townhall, talk to the reporters, talk to Breitbart, etc.But the left soiled their collectivist shorts over the idea that the man who brought down ACORN would dare get treated legitimately on ABC News. In fact, reporters within the newsroom also complained. It seems bringing down ACORN must have repercussions.ABC News is backing away from Breitbart, claiming he was never going to be on TV anyway. Of course, one does not put up someone like Brietbart in a very fancy hotel, etc. for just a webcast. Not only is ABC News backing away, but it is making sure everyone knows what Andrew Breitbart is not. Andrew Morse of ABC News Digital put out a statement saying, “Mr. Breitbart is not an ABC News analyst. He is not an ABC News consultant. He is not, in any way, affiliated with ABC News. He is not being paid by ABC News. He has not been asked to analyze the results of the election for ABC News.”So what is he? Surely this cannot be about Shirley Sherrod. Why? Because they are not backing away from Arianna Huffington, a woman whose website reported that black people were resorting to cannibalism after Katrina, who got sued by a lady for accusing the lady of sleeping with President Obama, and whose own husband decided he was gay after years of putting up with Arianna.



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