Assessing Joe Miller

A lot of people have accused Joe Miller in Alaska of running a “paranoid” campaign. I admit that I’ve thought it.Turns out he has been right to do so.We have the local CBS affiliate in Alaska out to get him — caught on tape no less.We have John Cornyn on TV giving a muddled message about who he supports, forcing the NRSC to come out and claim it supports Joe Miller and yet, despite a lot of bluster and some show, is doing little to help him.We have the Senate GOP Conference refusing to kick Lisa Murkowski off the Energy Committee because, in the words of Orrin Hatch, they “like her.”We have the Alaska Supreme Court and Alaska Elections Officials in clear disregard of actual, easy to understand, election law in Alaska handing out lists of write-in candidates.And yet Joe Miller is leading in the latest PPP poll.Miller is the guy we want in the Senate. It is not just that he is conservative and not Murkowski. Miller now has unabiding contempt for the Republican Leadership in the Senate after what they’ve done to him. For conservatives, that is a very, very good thing. The hour is late. The need is great. Let’s do what we can for Joe Miller.



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