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For October 29, 2010
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1. America’s First Black President Tries to Push Out Another Black Politician

First they came for David Patterson, Governor of New York. Barack Obama and the Democrats ganged up on him and forced him to not seek re-election.

Now they’ve come for Kendrick Meeks, or at least Bill Clinton, America’s first black President, has come for Kendrick Meeks, but at the behest of America’s second black President.

Specifically, “Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna confirmed to Politico” that Clinton’s top aide, Doug Band, brought up the subject with Meeks. Meeks sounded amenable. They then brought Clinton in.

Kendrick Meeks denied it to CNN.

Clinton confirmed it then backed away from it then confirmed it again. But Clinton said the White House was not involved.

Charlie Crist, who has had to heated private conversations with Kendrick Meeks in the past week, says the White House was involved.

Some Democrats “with knowledge of the plan” confirm the White House knew.

Had this been the Republicans ganging up on a black man to drive him from office, we’d hear all sorts of cries of racism.

But there are three really important points to make here. They are major points.

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2. Significant Election Complaint Filed in Nevada

Attached is a Nevada Election Task Force complaint filed late today in Nevada by Babette Rutherford, a Nevada voter.

The complaint alleges scores of union tactics designed to undermine the integrity of the voting process and intimidate voters.

Specifically, the complaint notes that union officials are busing in union workers, leading them to the polls, deterring or preventing the union member from going to unobserved polling locations set up in Las Vegas, etc.

“The union personnel strategically position themselves at various points around the boundaries of the polling location to ensure that one or more of them are able to monitor their members’ activities at all times.”

The complaint is highly detailed and filled with eye witness accounts of union officials intimidating casino employees and directly overseeing how the union employees are attempting to vote.

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3. Jerry Brown Not A Fan Of Women. Or, You Know, The Truth

Earlier this month, the National Organization For Women (N.O.W.) endorsed Jerry Brown for Governor of CA a mere 24 hours after an audio tape surfaced wherein Jerry Brown was heard agreeing with an aide that Meg Whitman should be called a “whore“. What’s a little sexism if it is aimed at a Republican woman! I mean, Jerry Brown is totally For The (Real) Women ™ , right? And The Children, of course. Only, not so much.

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4. White House Conspires With Media Matters

ABC News notes the White House had a meeting of special needs representatives. What ABC News fails to point out is that two of them work at Media Matters For America, the George Soros funded character assassins who see evil racists in the white filling of every twinkie they consume.

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