White House Conspires With Media Matters

ABC News notes the White House had a meeting of special needs representatives. What ABC News fails to point out is that two of them work at Media Matters For America, the George Soros funded character assassins who see evil racists in the white filling of every twinkie they consume.


In fact that’s why they eat so many twinkies at Media Matters — they are devouring the squishy white racists with every bite. But I digress.

Oliver Willis, who is kryptonite to thinking, makes his living as an internet troll for Media Matters. I hear they even station him appropriately under a bridge where he routinely says odd things like, “Is that a billy goat I hear? I am going to gobble you up for my dinner.”

Duncan Black is a fellow at Media Matters, or whatever they call people who are fellows but want to use a gender neutral word so as not to offend the sensibilities of the unibrow crowd.

Media Matters routinely engages in partisan hit jobs on conservatives and anyone in the media who does not show proper respect for the “Obama is the smartest man who ever was and is the only image you need when you go to the bathroom for certain business” narrative they peddle like smut.


So here we have Barack Obama meeting with a few malcontented internet trolls, several of whom have already had their support bought and paid for, and when you look at the crowd and know anything about the left-wing blogosphere you look at the attendees and are forced to ask, “Damn. Is that the best he could do?”

Probably not, but after next week’s annihilation of the Democrats in Congress, they probably are the easiest ones to co-opt into the Obama 2012: Devour Any Intra-Party Opposition plan that Axelrod and Plouffé are cooking up in the kitchen. [“Hmmm . . . . did someone say kitchen?” — MMFA]


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