Michael Bennet's Lack of Faith

The Democrats really are running an inconsistent campaign across the country.In Missouri they are running an attack on a Republican saying he covered up pedophilia in the Catholic Church.In Minnesota the Democrats are attacking Catholics full on for not living up to Christ’s teaching to help the poor.In Kentucky they are attacking Rand Paul for blaspheming Christ or some such nonsense.In Colorado . . . well, in Colorado they are running Michael Bennet — the Senator who Barack Obama is said to feel “most warmly” toward. In Colorado, home of Focus on the Family and a huge evangelical movement, the Democrats have decided to go the opposite way.Michael Bennet, you see, rejects religion. Yes, he says he believes in God, but he makes clear he does not go to worship, does not believe in organized religion, and does not affiliate with a religion.And they say the Republicans are running candidates outside the mainstream.



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