If You Live in Carroll County, Georgia

They’re all terrible. All of them. Republicans and Democrats — the leaders of both parties, they are all terrible.It’s not just the start of my book, it is the truth. And Republicans and Democrats have together, across the country, ganged up against the tea party movement to shut them downOne of the great recent examples is Carroll County, Georgia. Many of you met Jim Watters at the RedState Gathering.Jim is the leader of the Carroll County Tea Party. He is running for the Carroll County Commission. He was running as an independent until the Republicans and Democrats ganged up on him and has his ballot access petition rejected for a number of frivolous reasons.One of those reasons was, for example, that my mother-in-law signed Jim’s petition for ballot access and did not put her middle initial down, but she had signed her voter registration card decades ago with her middle initial.Another was that Jim wrote “Carroll County” down in the “County” field for each signature. Since Jim did it and not the actual signer, those signatures were thrown out.So now Jim is running as a write-in candidate. And the Republicans and Democrats are both scared to death. They have run hit jobs on him in the local paper because Jim was smart enough to get a qualified electric vehicle under the stimulus plan and they didn’t. It’s a pretty sweet ride too.Jim may just pull this off on November 2nd. I hope he does.Across the county we are seeing this happen. Win or lose, tea party activists are going to have to stick together because the leadership of both parties is making it very clear that they hope to keep ignoring us whatever happens on November 2nd.



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