A Few Necessary Truths

“The most significant truth is that had Juan Williams made his comments about Christians he would still have his job. The world is at war with Christ.

The media is largely run and operated by people who are left of center.


Consequently, in the newsrooms of America, instead of dealing with issues of right and wrong, the news revolves around victims and victimizers. It’s why a highly educated lady like Gwen Ifill of PBS could mock Sarah Palin for accurately, though Ifill did not know it, saying the Boston Tea Party was in 1773.

Because the Boston Tea Party was not carried out by muslims, women, gays, the poor, minorities, or real Indians Native Americans, it is not important in American history — at least not nearly as consequential as anything Sacagawea, Victoria Woodhull, Richard Ely, or Cesar Chavez ever did — to the left.

That, though, is a minor truth.

The second truth is this has nothing to do with political correctness.

NPR has a long history of its reporters and guests making terribly politically incorrect statements and not losing their jobs. You can watch Roland Martin and I discuss this truth on John King USA right here.

A producer at an NPR affiliate said she “”laugh loudly like a maniac and watch his eyes bug out” if she saw Rush Limbaugh suffering a heart attack.

NPR darling Terry Gross held an entire conversation with a George Soros funded “evangelical” about how evangelicals had sold their soul to Rush Limbaugh.

Michel Martin, formerly of ABC, and now at NPR, recently implied that Catholicism or Christianity in general had some connection to Timothy McVeigh blowing up the Murrah Federal Building.

When Mother Theresa died, NPR anchor Scott Simon vilified her for her alleged support of “tyrants and criminals” and her “destructive comfort to keep people poor.”


When white powder appeared in the offices of several Democratic Senators, an NPR reporter implicated the Traditional Values Coalition in the attack without any evidence.

Earlier this year, NPR openly speculated without any evidence that historic Cardinal John Henry Newman was gay.

Terry Gross was horrified at the “very extreme” Franklin Graham ruining the image of the United States.

All the way back to 1995, NPR icon Nina Totenberg said of Jesse Helms on Inside Washington, “If there is retributive justice, he’ll get AIDS from a transfusion, or one of his grandchildren will get it.”

NPR would never, nor would any other network, say anything similar about Islam or any group perceived to be a victim group. Superficially, this is because the left has unyielding sympathy for victim groups, whether or not they actually are real victims. It is how the left can embrace tolerance for both gays and muslims though many of the latter would gladly see all of the former put the death. Additionally, in the case of muslims, there is a great deal of unspoken fear.

No Catholic, Presbyterian, or unaffiliated congregant of the Assemblies of God will ever cut off your head for drawing a cartoon of Jesus. Many, many muslims would should you draw a cartoon of Mohammed. The fear of muslims within the secular left is why the media could be fully fixated on one preacher in Florida burning korans and avoid like the plague the other very legitimate story that we share the Earth with a large group of people who can be incited to global violence by one moron in Florida burning a book.


And this all gets us to the most significant truth — also the one that will offend a great many people, but still needs to be said.

The most significant truth is that had Juan Williams made his comments about Christians or Jews he would still have his job. The world is at war with Christ and, more generally, the Judeo-Christian God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Islam, derived from a man of this world, and the world are in supernatural alliance against Christ. This is the moment non-believers laugh and believers nod knowingly.

The secular world hates the real God of the Bible and those who follow Christ. Any group that is not of Christ or allied with Christ is spared by the world because it is of the world. Any group of Christ or allied with Christ is fair game for attack and ridicule.

Christians are aliens in this world and ultimately, on the last day, win. But until then, the world hates them.

It is a truth that we should all remember.



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