Rape and Ken Buck's Record

The left never ceases to amaze me in their willingness to use people to tar and feather their opposition through half-truths and lies. In much the same way the NAACP used the murder of James Byrd to attack George Bush with a series of lies, the left is doing the same with a rape victim in Colorado against Ken Buck.The Colorado Springs Gazette covers this pretty extensively and shows just how disgusting it is.The case stems from an alleged date rape and Buck’s decision to not prosecute the case. Buck, in explaining why to the victim, said that the jury would more likely than not let the guy off because of evidence the defense had. He sent the case to another District Attorney to review and that District Attorney agreed with Buck.As the Colorado Springs Gazette explains:


Date rape convictions are especially unlikely. Typical cases consist of “he said” v. “she said” and not much more. The defendant has the advantage of a presumption of innocence; the victim is burdened with providing proof. Throw alcohol into the equation, and conviction becomes even more far-fetched. Add a hint of seduction by the victim, such as partial nudity before going to bed with a defendant, and conviction becomes almost impossible. Even jurors who want to convict cannot do so lawfully without proof beyond reasonable doubt.That’s what Buck faced when he explained to the victim why he could not pursue conviction. He explained with compassion that a jury would not convict because of information the defense would use. He said a jury might interpret her complaint as “buyer’s remorse,” a statement misrepresented by opponents to make it sound as if Buck questioned her motives. Buck advised her of other legal remedies but warned that they may lead to hurtful defense attacks. To be certain he was making the right call, Buck asked the office of then-Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy, arguably the state’s most aggressive sex crimes prosecutor at the time, to review the case. Lacy’s prosecutors concurred with Buck.


Never mind that Ken Buck has an impressive career of locking up rapists and murders. In fact, some of the victims have come forward to defend Ken Buck. But that doesn’t matter to the left in Colorado. They are doing what they can to distort Buck’s record and smear him.Ken needs to be able to fight back folks. Give what you can.


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