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1. Rape and Ken Buck’s Record

The left never ceases to amaze me in their willingness to use people to tar and feather their opposition through half-truths and lies. In much the same way the NAACP used the murder of James Byrd to attack George Bush with a series of lies, the left is doing the same with a rape victim in Colorado against Ken Buck.The Colorado Springs Gazette covers this pretty extensively and shows just how disgusting it is.The case stems from an alleged date rape and Buck’s decision to not prosecute the case. Buck, in explaining why to the victim, said that the jury would more likely than not let the guy off because of evidence the defense had. He sent the case to another District Attorney to review and that District Attorney agreed with Buck.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Left-Wing Blogger Starts a Fight at a Joe Miller Rally

The media is buzzing today about an altercation that happened at the Joe Miller rally in Alaska.A left-wing blogger, Tony Hopfinger, tried to corner Joe Miller as Miller was departing. He kept shoving people to get to Miller and it did not go over well. The left tried to blow this up, as did Murkowski, but now several eye witness reports are coming out, along with Hopfinger’s confession that he started it, and the story is going no where. Or at least it shouldn’t.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Dallas Morning News Makes Case for Rick Perry While Endorsing Bill White for Texas Governor

Governor Rick Perry knows – and is not afraid to say – that Texas has been successful in the current economic downturn because it limits the size of its government, keeps taxes low and has created a freedom-oriented environment that attracts business and workers. The result is not surprising – Texas leads the nation in job creation – having created 119,000 jobs between August 2009 and August 2010 as compared with just 214,000 job throughout the nation. Meanwhile, over 1000 people are moving to Texas every day. Perhaps more importantly, the Governor (along with Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott) has made crystal clear that the ways of Washington are not the way to a prosperous future and Texas is prepared to tell Washington to get out of the way – in the form of rejecting federal funds with strings attached, litigation against intrusive federal legislation and otherwise.For this, the Dallas Morning News rails against Governor Perry for his “swagger,” and has put its weight (for whatever that is worth) behind Democrat challenger Bill White in the form of an editorial endorsement bristling with hostility to the current Governor. Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Democrats Need to Heed the Wisdom of Darrell K. Royal

It was Darrell K. Royal who originally said, “When you get to the end zone, act like you’ve been there before”In the past few weeks we’ve seen Charlie Crist attack Marco Rubio for not being Hispanic enough. Serously.Earl Perlmutter refused to shake hands with his opponent in Colorado.Jim Marshall in Georgia had an oppo researcher obtain the divorce records of his opponent’s parents.Jack Conway attacked Rand Paul’s faith.A left-wing blogger invaded a Joe Miller rally in Alaska and assaulted attendees.Alan Grayson selectively edited a speech by Daniel Webster to make it look like Webster said something he did not.Barack Obama himself went out bashing his own side for not getting out the vote.Joe Biden accused the Democrats of whining.The Democrats are on the cusp of a very bad defeat. They need to start acting like they’ve been there before. They have — 1994.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Merkel: Multiculturalism Doesn’t Work

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has just broken one of Europe’s greatest taboos. But the truth may prove more dangerous than the lies that preceded it.Europe has a decidedly love-hate relationship with racial, cultural and religious pluralism. On the one hand, Europeans have no choice but to deal – more than do Americans – with a continent with a multiplicity of languages, they love to lecture ’simplistic’ Americans about tolerance, and moreso than in the U.S., there’s a powerful taboo among the governing elite against even talking about cultural or social issues of any kind, let alone subjecting them to free public debate. On the other hand, there’s thousands of years of history of racial, ethnic and religious animosities tearing the continent apart and leading to many of human history’s worst atrocities. And with regard to specific case of Europe’s relationship with the Islamic world, think location, location, location: even places we think of as far distant lands – Algeria, Libya, Syria – are geographically right on Europe’s doorstep, and familiarity in Europe has often bred contempt, and worse. It was Europe that was invaded by Muslim imperialists pretty much continuously from the 700s (when Charles Martel stopped the Muslim advance into France at Poitiers) to the 1600s (when the Turks were stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1683); Spain spent 700 years under Islamic rule, parts of the Balkans even longer. It was also Europeans who launched the Crusades, beginning some 300 years after Poitiers. European nationalism is not the conservative, free-market, liberty-oriented variety we have in the United States, and really never has been; it tends to be statist, befitting its feudal origins, and in recent centuries it has lost the restraining or at least balancing force of Christianity, as the continent has become less Christian.Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. Democrats Think Jack Conway’s Desperation Has Grown “Very Dangerous”

Things must be really bad for Jack Conway. He’s gone on offense against Rand Paul with attacks that (a) reach back to college days and (b) are filled with lies.When asked about it over the weekend, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill called Conway’s tactics “very dangerous.”Conway is directly attacking Rand Paul’s faith. It’s not only very dangerous, it is also disgusting. As Senator McCaskill notes, “Candidates who are at behind at the end reach and sometimes they overreach.”Please click here for the rest of the post.



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