Yes, I Am Voting for a Democrat

I have written before about Georgia Lt. Governor Casey Cagle. To say the least, I am not a fan.Last night in Georgia, a new revelation came out about Casey Cagle that solidifies a decision I’d already made. I will be voting for the Georgia Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor, Carol Porter.Last night in the 8th District Congressional Debate, Democrat Congressman Jim Marshall finally admitted what many of us have known for a few months. Republican Casey Cagle put Democrat Congressman Jim Marshall up to trying to force open the sealed divorce records of Republican Austin Scott.Why?Because Austin Scott decided to run for Governor of Georgia even though Casey Cagle was running. Never mind that both of them dropped out of the race.Casey Cagle has been vain, vapid, and vindictive through his tenure as Lt. Governor. He’s run the place based on innuendo and incompetence.Frankly, the Senate Republicans ran a tighter ship the last time they were confronted with a Democrat in the Lt. Governor’s position and I believe they would with Carol Porter there too.I want a Lt. Governor who can tie their own shoes. Carol Porter can. Casey Cagle cannot. Damn the party affiliation — I cannot vote for the man.Just thought you should know.Oh, I’ll also be voting for my really good friend Keith Moffett for the Georgia Public Service Commission. Both guys running, the Republican and Democrat, are good people, but Keith and I are good friends and I think he’d be an asset to the job. Yes, he’s a Democrat, but that isn’t exactly a partisan office.



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