Kristi Noem for Congress

I have a co-worker who is a massive fan of Kristi Noem and is convinced we need to go as much for her as possible. I’ve been negligent in writing about her because, frankly, there are so many races and so much going on.


But this is great news. Noem has raised over $1 million, which puts her as one of the top challengers in the House.

She is running in South Dakota against Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin and is one of those Republicans we need to win to take back the House.

She’s a rancher, a mother of three, and a staunch conservative who is running on a platform of slashing federal spending and repealing the new federal health care law. She’s also an avid hunter known to hunt elk with a bow and arrow.

What can we do to get Kristi elected?


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