Punish the Democrats: Judge Melanie Cross Plays Dirty for Jim Marshall

Judge Melanie Cross is a Tift County Superior Court Judge in Georgia.Congressman Jim Marshall, through his proxies at the Georgia Democratic Party, has demanded Judge Cross unseal Austin Scott’s divorce records — Scott is Marshall’s Republican opponent.Marshall, of course, denies he has any connection. However, Amy Morton (who I actually know and like), a local Democratic activist who is involved with the Democratic Party in Georgia, filed the request.Judge Melanie Cross set the hearing for the week before the election.Guess what? Melanie Cross is a Jim Marshall campaign donor. She gave Marshall $1,000.00 in 2006. Her husband, Ray Cross, gave Marshall $1,000.00 earlier this year now that Judge Cross cannot give campaign donations as a judge.After setting the hearing for the week before the election, Judge Cross recused herself and a different judge will hear the matter.A week before the election.The Democrats will stoop as low as they can to hang on.Austin Scott is even or ahead in the polls — in all the polls except for the Democrats’ ‘leaked’ internal poll. Give what you can. Punish the Democrats for their dirty tricks.



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