It is Time for Dan Maes to Go

It is always a tough thing for candidates to do, but sometimes it is necessary.Dan Maes is running a terrible campaign terribly underfunded in Colorado. He has the establishment Republicans and most of the grassroots doing something no one thought was possible — rallying to Tom Tancredo.The latest polling in Colorado has Maes at 15%, behind Tancredo and Hickenlooper, the Democrat.Maes cannot win. There is no way he can make up the ground. There is no money for him to make up the ground.It is not just improbable. It is impossible.For the sake of all that is at stake, Dan Maes must drop out. It is not pleasant. It is not face saving at this point. But Dan Maes must go for Colorado to have even a chance of flipping the Governor’s Mansion out of the hands of the Democrats.




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