Morning Briefing for September 20, 2010

RedState Morning Briefing
For September 20, 2010

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1. Barack Obama’s Organizing For America Paints Hitler Mustaches on Republicans

Protestors left and returned to Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson’s campaign office late last week. They went out to protest Halvorson’s oppoent, Air Force Captain Adam Kinzinger (Ret.). The protestors were led by an employee of Barack Obama’s Organizing for America. They held up signs of Capt. Kinzinger decorating his face with a Hitler mustache. Sarah Palin’s too.And yes, they got caught on tape.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. ObamaCare Promise of No Rationing Broken by FDA

This past August, an advisory panel for the Food and Drug Administration recommended that the late stage cancer drug Avastin be “de-labeled” because of cost considerations. It is critical to note, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did not propose denying cancer victims the right to the drug because of the safety of the drug, but because of a formula containing cost as factor. Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Czarina Elizabeth – it’s not just the confirmation end run we should worry about

Criticism of President Obama’s appointment of Elizabeth Warren to oversee the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) – the Dodd-Frank Act’s contribution to growing the federal bureaucracy – has focused on Obama’s end-run around the Senate confirmation process. By making Warren the White House czar for the CFPB instead of the agency’s director, Obama allows her to “effectively run the agency” (quoting the New York Times) while skirting both the Constitution’s requirement that “officers” of the federal government be confirmed by the Senate and the troubling questions about Warren’s anti-business bent that would inevitably have been part of her Senate confirmation hearings.While the President’s attempt to defeat the constitutional checks and balances provided by the confirmation process is troubling enough, Warren’s appointment as White House czar is undoubtedly also intended to defeat the checks and balances provided by Congressional oversight. Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Lisa Murkowski: Another Cowardly and Faithless Establishment Moderate

Conservative Patrick Hughes lost to establishment moderate Mark Kirk in the primary for the Illinois Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. Hughes is not running as a third-party candidate. Conservative Chuck Devore lost to moderate establishment candidate Carly Fiorina in the California GOP Primary for Barbara Boxer’s seat; he did not then seek out a spot on the Libertarian or Constitution Party tickets. When conservative Ovide Lamontagne lost a very close primary to establishment-favored Kelly Ayotte, he immediately and wholeheartedly endorsed Ayotte in a very classy concession speech. Same with Stutzman, and others; when conservatives lose a primary, they concede with class and endorse the moderate. Admittedly, some concessions are more enthusiastic and complete than others, but not a single conservative who lost a GOP primary this election season has run as a third-party candidate or Democrat.On the other hand, when moderate/liberal Arlen Specter faced a primary challenge from conservative Pat Toomey that he was almost ceratin to lose, he promptly bolted the party and caucused with the Democrats. When it became clear that moderate Charlie Crist would lose to conservative Marco Rubio, he bolted the party and ran as an independent. When Bob Bennett was taken out by conservative Mike Lee, he openly waffled for a month on the possibility of running third-party, with the encouragement of Mitch McConnell. Most recently, moderate Lisa Murkowski was defeated in the GOP primary by upstart conservative Joe Miller. First, Murkowski shamelessly begged for the Libertarian Party to give her a spot on the ticket, although she is perhaps the least libertarian member of the entire caucus. Then, she vacillated for weeks as to whether she would run as a Democrat. Now, apparently, her decision has been made, as Lisa Murkowski becomes the latest in a long line of moderate establishment sore losers to buck the will of the voters and run on a non-GOP ticket. There is absolutely no way Murkowski can win without even being on the ballot in November, and Lisa Murkowski knows it. Make no mistake: this is a naked attempt to aid Democrat Scott McAdams in order to prevent Joe Miller from winning the election.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Who are you calling extreme, Dems?

Incumbent Democrats are desperate — increasingly aware the public’s taste for their brand of change has waned. Some, in generally conservative districts and states, are reaching for the mantle of the moderate; others, like those in reliably Democratic areas, have not yet begun backsliding on the president on the issues of health care reform and spending.But all — no matter how comfortable their lead in polls and campaign funds — have gone to great lengths to portray their GOP challengers as wildly out of the mainstream: We’re bad, but they’re downright crazy.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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