Morning Briefing for September 15, 2010

RedState Morning Briefing
For September 15, 2010

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1. Don’t Repeat the Mistakes of the Past

As an observer, primaries like the sort just concluded in Delaware are incredibly amusing. It’s an opportunity to see bloggers, reporters and flacks who’ve never won anything anywhere declare emphatically that someone will definitely or can’t possibly win in a state they’ve never run a campaign, and in some of the more absurd cases, have never even been to. The best part is, a lot of these folks end up getting on television and talking about it, intoning with certainty like the blind men and the elephant. And they get paid to do it! (I love America.)Amateurs like to read tea leaves and polling data to devise predictions. In a conventional political year, this might give you some degree of accuracy — but in a year like this, as we’ve seen, it’s about as much of a sure thing as having a grizzly bear pick your fantasy football team. So when Karl Rove said she couldn’t win, even as my politically moderate relatives told me they liked Christine O’Donnell, I put a heavier weight on their opinion. After all, the people saying this — unlike Rove, Kristol, and scads of other observers who’ve blatantly carried water for Castle over the past few weeks — actually live and vote in Delaware. It seemed like a stretch to me, but I trusted the bear, and I got Arian Foster in the 12th round. Shows me what I know.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Facts About the RedState Gathering

Sorry to those of you who were unable to register for the RedState Gathering. I’ve gotten a few emails. Unfortunately, we cannot do same day registrations this year due to a number of issues involved in the event.Hey, we told ya to register.Here’s what you need to know.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Senate GOP Leadership Begins Setting The “Blame Conservatives” Narrative

Here’s the situation on the ground: if the GOP makes significant gains in the United States Senate, it will be in spite of the best efforts of the Senate Republicans.

  • The Senate GOP stood with Charlie Crist and conservatives stood with Marco Rubio.
  • The Senate GOP stood with Arlen Specter and conservatives stood with Pat Toomey.
  • The Senate GOP stood with Trey Grayson and conservatives stood with Rand Paul.
  • The Senate GOP stood with Bob Bennett, then that other guy, while conservatives stood with Mike Lee.
  • The Senate GOP stood with Sue Lowden and conservatives stood with Sharron Angle.
  • The Senate GOP stood with Jane Norton and conservatives stood with Ken Buck.

In a few cases, like in California, the Senate Republicans beat the conservative. In a few cases, like Washington and Wisconsin, the Senate Republicans and conservatives stood together.But that’s not good enough.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. AP: Sharron Angle “is Anti-Anything Latino”

You know what would really shake things up for the Angle campaign? A little push-back against the Press that ends up with a solid hit on Harry Reid. In fact, if she could make this SOP with every little hit piece that comes along, I’d bet she’d see a leap in her numbers.For example, NR’s Jay Nordlinger’s eye recently fell on this gem of an article from the Associated Press that begins . . .Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Jack Conway Using His Position in Kentucky to Kill Small Businesses

Jack Conway is the Democrats’ Senate nominee in Kentucky. He is also Kentucky’s Attorney General. And Conway is on a one man mission to kill a large number of small businesses in Kentucky.He’s also abusing his position to help a major Kentucky business in the process.Here’s the deal. When you pass a FedEx truck on the road, you are passing a small businessman. That driver is an independent contractor to FedEx. FedEx pays the driver a very large sum of money to drive the trucks, but FedEx does not have to pay the driver wages and benefits because the driver is an independent contractor. Likewise, FedEx does not have the same liability as it would if the driver were an employee.Consequently, FedEx can pay drivers more and charge you less.But UPS is a union shop with its drivers. It costs more for UPS to ship packages via truck as a result. And its big truck drivers are all employees. They are at a competitive disadvantage to FedEx as a result. UPS also happens to be a very large employer in Kentucky.Jack Conway’s response? Attack FedEx with the powers of his office.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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