GOP, Inc. As Darth Vader Starring Rob Jesmer As the Guy in the Suit

It is a delightful morning. The National Republican Senatorial Committee and the GOP Establishment, including Karl Rove in full on meltdown last night on Fox News, has been beaten yet again in Delaware by the supposedly crazy girl from the fringe who could not possibly take out the 12 time elected Republican Mike Castle.Christine O’Donnell was crazy . . . crazy like a fox.The reputation of the NRSC, led by Rob Jesmer as its Executive Director, is one of competence and, to those opposed internally within the GOP, of some intimidation and fear. One does not want to get on the wrong side of Mr. Jesmer, Mr. Cornyn, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Rove, etc. They might leak something totally conventional wisdom against you to that Manu guy at Politico.This is much like Darth Vader, who Mitch McConnell himself loves to hear himself being compared to. In fact, starting during the campaign finance reform debates of the early part of this decade, Mr. McConnell’s associates routinely said Mr. McConnell’s opponents called him Darth Vader. There is just one problem — only Mr. McConnell’s friends would go on record calling McConnell Darth Vader, i.e. Mr. McConnell wanted it out there, not his opponents.That is par for the course for McConnell. And it very, very aptly describes GOP, Inc. this year with Mr. Jesmer in the suit. We hear Mr. Cornyn’s voice or Mr. McConnell’s. On occasion we hear Mr. Rove. It is Rob Jesmer in the suit moving the controls and writing the checks.Last night, yet again, GOP, Inc. with Rob Jesmer doing the movement within the black suit, did the Darth Vader routine all over again with the usual results.See, when you think of Darth Vader, you think of the proverbial bad ass don’t you? He could choke people with mere thought. But consider his actual legacy.Darth Vader started off good then betrayed the good guys, assisted in their slaughter, and managed to fight his way into a lake of molten rock where he was burned up pretty bad.Darth Vader then went on to lose the Death Star twice — both times to a ragtag group of rebels. So clueless along the way, he had no idea he had a daughter, had his hand cut off by his son, and ultimately died a rather anonymous death after saving his son. He was finally burned up all the way on a pile of limbs on Endor.This too will happen to GOP, Inc.Washington will be invaded by the Ken Bucks, Marco Rubios, Sharron Angles, Rand Pauls, Pat Toomeys, and Joe Millers of the world. They’ll be led in the rebellion by Jim DeMint and — guess what? Like Vader saving Luke from the Emperor, Jesmer and GOP, Inc. will use their money to get elected the same people they fought against so hard.Then we will burn their legacy on the ash heap of history. Not all of the rebels will make it. Christine O’Donnell may very well not. It is, however, too soon to say and we know for certain that once the rebels get there the ultimate destruction of the GOP, Inc.’s Incompetence Star will be pretty bloody brilliant.I can’t wait.



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