You Cannot Win With These People

The Ground Zero Mosque Imam has decided to hold the nation hostage to his mosque.According to him in an interview with CNN, if we do not build the mosque at ground zero it will jeopardize our national security.If some nut in Florida burns korans? Our national security is hurt.If we don’t build a mosque? Our national security is hurt.Seriously?Oh, but he is considering moving the mosque. It’s just that if his mosque doesn’t get built we’ll be in a heap of trouble. Oh, and if it does get built, we give a PR victory to radical Islamists.Those are our options. This nation’s political elite has no problem being dictated to by a radical group within Islam in the way it would never tolerate from mainstream Christians. What’s worse is the use of fear of radical Islamists by so called moderate muslims to advance their agenda.Maybe we should get the radical Islamists to start demanding prayer in school. I bet we’d get it pretty quick.



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