Glenn Beck Day

I’m not paying attention to the 8.28 rally today to be honest. It is Evelyn’s 5th birthday and we’re on our way to look at dinosaurs and zoo animals in Atlanta.But I am struck by the left-wing outrage over all of this.The same people who have been saying for weeks it is a sign of tolerance to build a mosque at Ground Zero are screaming how intolerant it is for Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin to go to the Lincoln Memorial and give a speech today.The convenient constitutionalists who laud the first amendment out of one side of their mouth want nothing to do with the first amendment out of the other side of their mouth.Today is also the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous speech. I happen to believe it coincidental timing that Beck’s speech is today. I frankly wish he’d kept with the 9/12 theme and had this event at that time.Nonetheless, the theme of MLK’s speech was economics and that of today will also be economics. The destinations of the speeches are different, the first with a call for government intervention and the latter with a call for the government to stop intervening. I’m sure the media can get some grand juxtaposition out of the timing and messages. I don’t. Today will be a giant pep rally headed to the November elections and along the way some good causes will be funded to help wounded troops. There will be many reading more into this weekend that it deserves. There will be many not reading enough into this weekend. That all says more about them than it does this weekend.Consider this an open thread. I’m off to see dinosaurs.



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