RED ALERT: Emergency in Alaska

Joe Miller has won the GOP nomiation for the United States Senate in Alaska. Looking at where the absentee ballots are coming from, etc., Murkowski is not going to be able to make it up. Sources close to Miller, Palin, and external media sources all seem to think Murkowski can’t make up the difference.But there is a problem.The absentee ballots will not be counted for a week or so. Already there are rumors of “found” ballots. Murkowski is refusing to go away quietly, even allowing her campaign to float the idea of a third party bid or write-in candidacy.Joe Miller needs a quick infusion of cash to his campaign to pay for a ballot integrity program. Tea Party activists need to get to Alaska immediately to help secure the process and make sure Murkowski cannot steal the election.And once all of that is done, Alaska media sources are reporting the Democrats may yank the winner of their contest and put in former Governor Tony Knowles, who they think will have a stronger shot at Miller.Give Joe Miller what you can ASAP.




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