Rick Scott Wins

It was one of the nastiest primaries anyone could remember in Florida. Scott and McCollum spent millions attacking each other — Scott with his own fortune and McCollum with a great deal of third party group money.McCollum’s campaign orchestrated stunt after stunt to highlight the baggage Scott would bring to the general election, but it was not enough.Rick Scott, a conservative businessman and healthcare executive, won the Republican nomination — barely even losing to McCollum in McCollum’s own home county.Scott ran as an outsider and the entire GOP establishment in Florida lined up against him. Most of the conservative establishment in Washington also lined up against him.While many will console themselves saying it was Scott’s big checkbook that “bought” him the race, the fact is McCollum ran a lackluster campaign and Scott ran on a jobs creation plan that resonated with voters.The establishment and outsiders will not have to reach some sort of accommodation with each other to win in November, but with so much at stake I don’t doubt they can. And Scott will need to write more large checks quickly before the Democrats try to define him to the general election voters.



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