Democrats New Attack on Ken Buck: He Is Too Responsible

This may be the dumbest attack ever leveled against a politician on either side of the aisle. Ever.Senator Michael Bennet, in his desperate bid to beat Ken Buck, has come up with a new attack. Ken Buck, a sitting District Attorney, believes it is not right to keep drawing a taxpayer funded salary while spending a good portion of his time out of the office campaigning.Bennet has seized on that act of responsibility to attack Buck as absent from his job, pointing out that he, Bennet, has never missed a vote in Washington.Really? Yeah, really. Bennet, who has spent an extraordinary amount of time in Colorado fighting off Andrew Romanoff and whose Senate schedule plans in multi-month breaks to campaign while being salaried by taxpayers thinks this is a worthwhile attack.Buck, I think, has a great comeback: Bennet says he has never missed a Senate vote. Colorado wishes, with his record, Bennet had missed lots of those votes, including on Obamacare. In fact, Michael Bennet toes the Obama voting line more often than even Harry Reid.That’s a fact. According to the Washington Post, Bennet votes for the Democrat agenda 91.7% of the time, which is more than Reid.



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