Flaming Hypocrisy and the Convenient Constitutionalists of the Fringe Political Elite

For weeks on end the political elite in this country and their sycophants have told us we must support the Ground Zero Mosque because our founding principles demand it. This fringe group, no larger than the birthers or 9/11 Truthers and smaller than the mainstream group called the “tea party movement” the fringe political elite has labeled fringe, are not afraid to tell you that you are filled with hate and prejudice if you disagree with them.The people who want to build the mosque, after all, have a constitutional right to build the mosque. Therefore, if we do not support them in their efforts, we are bigots. How dare any of us condemn them for exercising their constitutional right.Compare the demands of the political elite and their sycophants on the mosque issue with their condemnation of NewsCorp.The parent company of the Fox News Channel dared to give $1 million to the Republican Governors Association. According to the same flaming hypocrites who will call 70% of America bigoted for not supporting the constitutional right to build a mosque at Ground Zero, NewsCorp must be burned to the ground and the Avenue of the Americas covered in salt because NewsCorp had the audacity to exercise its constitutional right to use that other bit of the First Amendment not being used by the Mosqueteers.If the political elite is going to demand we support the Ground Zero mosque because of the constitution, then they must also support NewsCorp unless they are really just what we know they actually are — convenient constitutionalists.The whole thing really and truly is just a mosquerade.



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