Understanding Barack Obama By Proxy Syndrome

Kjersten Forseth of ProgressNow Colorado blasted out an email yesterday seeking to define Ken Buck early as too fringe for Colorado. In her email she said

What would you say about a man who thinks you should vote for him because he “doesn’t wear high heels?” What would you say about a man who endorsed a radical abortion ban, and says he even opposes a woman’s right to choose if she is raped? What would you say about a man who believes Social Security should be run by Wall Street, and the Department of Education should be abolished?You’d say he’s crazy. And you’d say he’s too crazy for Colorado. But all of these extreme right-wing ideas, and more, are the words of Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck.


Friends, it is time to understand Barack Obama By Proxy Syndrome.ProgressNow Colorado says Ken Buck is too fringe for Colorado.This is a group that thinks supporting life is fringe and partial birth abortion is mainstream.This is a group that thinks saving social security is fringe and bankrupting America is mainstream.This is a group that thinks allowing you and me to make our own way in life is fringe and having government dictate our destiny is mainstream.If Munchausen by proxy is inflicting pain on the people under the nutjob’s care to prolong the symptoms of illness, ProgressNow working for Barack Obama by proxy is committed to perpetuating high unemployment, high deficits, and out of control spending on the American people.


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