Ohio Democrats Attack Sean Hannity & John Kasich for Helping Soldiers' Children

“Ohio Democrats are attacking an organization doling out $15 million to the children of fallen or wounded soldiers just to score cheap political points.”

In a political season where every Democrat is bitterly clinging by fingernails to the electoral cliff, we may have reached a new low from Ohio.Months ago a lady on the internet both Democrats and Republicans recognize is not quite playing in the same reality the rest of us are leveled a series of unsubstantiated attacks at Sean Hannity and his connection with the Freedom Alliance.The attacks were based on a gross misreading of the Freedom Alliance’s Form 990s on file with the IRS.Through Sean Hannity’s work with the Freedom Alliance, $3.4 million in scholarship money has been distributed and the total scholarship fund now contains $15 million – $10 million of which has been raised through Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concerts. The scholarships go “to those whose parents have been killed or severely injured in their service to our Country.”There is no “there” there. The allegations were B.S.The Freedom Alliance supports soldiers and their children. Sean Hannity’s work for the Freedom Alliance has been invaluable — raising more than $10 million.Recently, in Ohio, former congressman John Kasich, now running for Governor of Ohio, appeared with Sean Hannity at one of the Freedom Concerts held to benefit the Alliance.The Democrat response? Attack and try to discredit the Freedom Alliance. The Democrats are trying to make toxic the act of associating with a charity that supports the children of fallen soldiers.From their press release:

Earlier this year, the non-partisan Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) asked the Federal Trade Commission and Internal Revenue Service to look into Freedom Alliance for claiming that all concert proceeds would be used for scholarships for children of veterans killed or wounded in war, as well as engaging in political activities that are prohibited under its tax-exempt status.


What exactly did CREW base its complaint on? The crazy lady’s misreading of the 990’s. And who is CREW? A left-wing advocacy group that tries to portray itself as nonpartisan. CREW has, over the last few years, repeatedly drummed up ethics accusations and investigations into a host of people and organizations on the right to smear them while throwing in a few disreputable Democrats to keep up the veneer of nonpartisanship.Note also that the Democrats are reporting that the Freedom Concerts and Freedom Alliance are being investigated. The basis of the allegation? The supposedly nonpartisan CREW filed a complaint.But they are anything but nonpartisan. CREW is filled with typical leftwing hackery designed to gin up media stories attacking the right.Ohio Democrats are attacking an organization doling out $15 million to the children of fallen or wounded soldiers just to score cheap political points. Pathetic.



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