Bob Bennett: Sore Loser

We’ve commented here a number of times recently that Bob Bennett has gone out of this way to trash the tea party movement since they defeated him for re-election. I guess that is understandable.Well, today we’re getting word that Bob Bennet’s son is now working for the Democrats in Utah.How fitting.


Jim Bennett, the son of Sen. Bob Bennett who ran his father’s campaign for a fourth term this year, has begun working as a volunteer on the Senate campaign of Democrat Sam Granato, who hopes to replace the senior Bennett in Washington, D.C. . . .The defeat of Bennett at the convention has triggered concerns among a number of traditional Republicans who have begun discussing ways to change Utah’s candidate-selection process.Jim Bennett says his defection to a Democratic candidate for the Senate should not be construed as sour grapes. He says it is an honest assessment in his mind of who the best candidate is among the remaining contenders.

Riiiigggghhhhhhttttttt. No sour grapes at all. Of course, if Jim wants to lobby, of course he’ll work for the Democrat because he knows Mike Lee is not going to be busting budgets for pork like dear old dad.


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