Excitement and Regret

I’m a big believer that Republicans have to hold themselves accountable or the other side will. In the six years that RedState has been operating, I have done my best to hold our side accountable for deviations from conservative orthodoxy. My book will continue that.Along the way, I have made some very good friends. In fact, most of my very best friends are people I met through RedState and either now write with or have gotten to know. Rarely, however do both worlds collide.Today they do.One of my very best friends is Russ Vought. I got to know Russ when he worked for Congressman Jeb Hensarling. Russ then went on to be the Executive Director of the Republican Study Committee, then left to go work for Mike Pence in the conference office. Russ has finally decided to move off the Hill. Doing so frees him up a bit — enough that he has some time to write. I’m pleased to announce Russ Vought is joining the ranks of front page contributors. It is a very good day.I also suspect there are probably a few more Republicans than Democrats with upset stomachs right now. Good.In writing this up, I realized I have forgotten something big — RedState’s birthday.July 11, 2004, RedState came online with Josh Trevino, Ben Domenech, Mike Krempasky, Thomas Crown, and the rest of the all stars. I was on vacation that week and totally forgot to mention it.But RedState is now six years old. Wow. Time flies when you’re fighting for freedom.




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