I Think Cinamon Has Been Replaced By A Shadowy Cabal of Priests

We’ve mentioned before Jane Norton’s reliance on Cinamon out in Colorado. Cinamon helps Jane Norton answer her questions.I was shocked and appalled to hear this public radio interview with Jane Norton. Instead of relying on Cinamon for advice on how to deal with illegal alients, Jane Norton is instead relying on “hispanic clergy.”Their advice? Don’t send illegals home. Give them community service then let them apply for citizens. She says something about sending them “to the back of the line” and giving them background checks on that path to citizenship too.You can hear her at around 16:50. I just have a question.If we’re sending illegals to the back of the line and not out of the country, doesn’t that mean they just get to stay and carry on? If so, why bother doing anything to them?Free Cinamon! Free the other spice girls too. Surely Cinamon, and potentially Nutmeg, give better advice than a shadowy band of priests, no doubt pulled straight from Dan Brown’s mind.



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