It is time for conservatives to get off the fence in KS-01

Lots of conservatives have sat out KS-01 because we all like Rob Wassinger, who worked for Sam Brownback, but whose campaign is going nowhere.But because of that, conservatives have let down Tim Huelskamp, a solidly pro-life, fiscal conservative that both I, Concerned Women of America, the Club for Growth have endorsed.Surveys are coming out showing the most liberal man (big spending and pro-abortion) in the race is now pulling ahead in a race where a conservative should be winning.This is one of those seats where if conservatives do not act immediately, a terrible Republican will get elected, serve forty years in Congress, and we will hate every minute of it.Tim Huelskamp is the conservative with the best chance of winning.Sure, I know you guys all wanted Rob Wassinger. But his campaign can’t muster the funding or steam. Huelskamp can, but we need to rally immediately for him.Get off the sidelines conservatives. Tim Huelskamp is the type of conservative we all say we want. Well doggoneit we need to get off our butts and work to get him elected or someone not one of us like will get the nomination.Support Tim Huelskamp. Yes, it really does matter.



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