A Reader Email on the NRA

From the mail bag:

After reading your post, I wasted 30 minutes waiting on hold to talk to a human at NRA. I finally got a guy – I think he said his name was “Tag” – who was in full defense mode on all the good stuff Harry Reid had done, all his votes, how they gave him a B Grade, how he wrote an amicus brief for the Heller & Chicago SCOTUS cases. When I told them that there is a list on Redstate.com of all the anti-2nd Amendment votes by Harry, he said “Redstate, yeah, right.” This guy was combative and rehearsed in his defense of Harry Reid. I asked him how they can support a guy who voted against the SCOTUS nominees (Roberts, Alito) who were 2nd Amendment advocates, but vote for Sotomayor. “Tag” said that most judicial nominations are done on party line votes, and they don’t hold those votes against Harry Reid!! I said that those in the military community, where many NRA members serve their country, are still bothered by “the war is lost” comment on Iraq. “Tag” laughed at me, and said, “Oh, comeon!”.



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