The Tim Bridgewater Attack On Jim DeMint Continues

Tim Bridgewater’s supporters have set up and are pushing a website called the “Jim DeMint Takeover.”It contains just one post.It is a YouTube of Mike Lee, who is asked, “If you are elected as the new Senator from Utah, who will be your mentor and why?”Mike Lee’s response? “My mentor in the senate and among those who are still in the world of the living will be Jim Demint in whose endorsement I am pleased to have and who hails from South Carolina and who is an advocate of constitutionally limited government, and as I say the two of us together will build a coalition that will one day control the US Senate, to limit the size, scope, reach and cost of the federal government.”And the Bridgewater people hold this in contempt? What is wrong with these people?Oh yeah. They think Jim DeMint is going to use Mike Lee to allow nuclear waste from South Carolina to be deposited in Utah. Of course even not so smart people know we’re sticking it in Nevada if Harry Reid gets re-elected.Tim Bridgewater continues to flat out lie about Jim DeMint to avoid having to talk about his own record.Support Mike Lee and defend Jim DeMint.



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