No Time to Go Wobbly: It’s Time to Follow the New Iron Ladies Into Battle

As the two prepared for the first Gulf war, Margaret Thatcher famously told George H.W. Bush “this is no time to go wobbly.” Well, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to believe that we are now fully engaged in a political war for the very future of our nation. It is no time for us to go wobbly.


The Republican Establishment is declaring this their year of the woman. There are five in particular that I want to aggressively support: Nikki Haley running for Governor in South Carolina, Karen Handel running for Governor in Georgia, Sharron Angle running for the Senate in Nevada, Robin Smith running for Congress in Tennessee, and Pamela Gorman running for Congress in Arizona.

Nikki Haley and Karen Handel will be welcome additions to a group of Republican Governors that will serve as the front lines in the fight against federal encroachment of our rights under Barack Obama.

Sharron Angle upset the establishment apple cart in Nevada by cruising to a solid victory in a GOP primary. She will defeat Harry Reid Like Nikki Haley and Karen Handel, Sharron Angle is a solid and committed conservative and doesn’t apologize for it. Sharron Angle started out as the underfunded, underdog candidate in Nevada and because she was able to get out her message of principled, unwavering conservatism, Sharron Angle won handily.

Then there are women like Robin Smith and Pamela Gorman. Both are running hard against the establishment. Smith, as Chairwoman of the Tennessee Republican Party, pushed the party of Lamar Alexander to the right and now has the squishy establishment out to beat her.


In Arizona, Pamela Gorman stood up to the Republicans in the Arizona legislature and opposed their tax increases. The stripped her of power, removed her from her office, and she kept fighting, much like Nikki Haley did.

The problem that anti-establishment candidates like Haley, Angle, Smith, and Gorman face (though to be fair, not so much Handel because of different dynamics) is that the establishment is against them. All four of these tough conservative women led fights against the Republican establishment going wobbly.

Haley and Angle have won their primaries and need our continued support to win the general elections. Handel, Smith, and Gorman are still in the fight. We need to do what we can for them.

Support Pamela Gorman. We’ve got to get her elected.

Support Robin Smith. She’s in a real fight.

Support Karen Handel. She is being smeared like Nikki Haley and we can’t let the other guys win.


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