Jim DeMint Has Not Endorsed Gresham Barrett.

Gresham Barrett is trotting around South Carolina alluding to a Jim DeMint endorsement to combat Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney endorsing Nikki Haley.There’s just one problem.Jim DeMint has not endorsed Gresham Barrett. In fact, DeMint has been upfront about staying out of the primary and I cannot imagine him endorsing Gresham Barrett over a conservative rockstar like Nikki Haley.This is an act of desperation on the TARP supporter’s part.Conservatives across the nation have lined up behind Nikki Haley and Jim DeMint has remarkably eschewed friendship for solid conservative picks around the country.I know it would be tough given their friendship, but I cannot imagine Jim DeMint endorsing a guy who voted for TARP and was sponsoring VAT legislation in the House of Representatives. It’d put the only man to score 100% on the Senate Conservatives Fund scorecard to the left of conservatives here at RedState and across the country, not to mention Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney.With polling showing Nikki Haley going into a runoff with a 20% lead, the logical choice is for DeMint to do as he has always done — eschew friendship in favor of solid conservatism and endorse Nikki Haley.



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