Is Karen Diebel Okay?

I know nothing about this race, but like Dan, I was given troubling police reports that are either real and very bizarre, or suggests something is not right with Karen Diebel.Diebel is one of two candidates running in FL-24 for Congresswoman’s Kosmas’s seat. The seat leans Republican, but has been held by a Democrat these past few years since beating Tom Feeney.According to the police reports, which you can view here (PDF), Diebel’s son found a snake in their swimming pool — a common occurrence in Florida — and called the police about. Diebel claimed her political opponents put it in the swimming pool.Additionally, Diebel claimed to be the swing vote on a light rail issue and claimed her home had been bugged and she was being spied upon.The police report does not indicate that any listening bugs or other spy devices were found.I’ve looked at Diebel’s voting record and like what I see — she is frequently the lone vote against government spending in Winter Park, FL, but voted for some tax increases that, having faced some of these same votes for the same reasons, I understand her vote.The trouble I have is the police record. If she is can be painted as not quite okay, she’s going to have a problem. There is a high volume of 911 calls and the general nature of the police reports that suggest paranoia — hopefully well founded, otherwise very troublesome.



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