(617) 898-9898

I just got a phone call from (617) 898-9898, in Milton, MA.The call was an automated call asking me if I was behind on my mortgage. Due to Barack Obama’s stimulus plan and financial reform package, now my mortgage company is forced to renegotiate with me because of potential predatory lending — at least that’s what they said.I’m on the do not call list. I pressed “1” to talk to someone. A man picked up and I asked if he was with the government. He said no, he was with a third party company. I said I was on the do not call list and he said “good for you, have a nice day” and disconnected the call.Brilliant — do you know how many poor people who voted for Obama are going to fall for a scam like this? Because Barry O is here to help!Then he’ll do another bailout and generate even more scams.



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